How To Drive Traffic with Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords usually drive most of the organic search of a site. So, forget for a while the SEO-ego of ranking for a certain word very high. It will take you a lot of time and there are small chances that you will have soon a top position in Google for that. What is

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SEO Jungle Monkey Project

Hi Guys, I know … you’re just looking for some SEO stuff here, hut I’m human too… in fact I’m not , but I have a soul, just like you, seojunkies, and I feel that I should tell you something today. Monkey is now far away from the place he was born. Do you know this fellow in

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Hot SEO News from August 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Social Profile SEO. The basic idea is to have your website and social profiles on the first Google page, so that possible negative news or review about you or your brand are not that visible, so the brand perception is good overall. More on social profile SEO Mega Menus in

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Great SEO is not really only about SEO :)

sounds funny, but it’s true Brian Patterson from GoFishDigital speaks about tools that can be used for SEO but were not necessarily meant for SEO. These would be: a) InSite – InSite is a desktop tool that helps you correct the spelling in your website. b) Attentiv – It is a communication and decision-making platform. With Attentiv, bosses can hear candid, anonymous

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Optimize Your SEO, wisely!

We all know the saying… Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration … and yes, building an online brand is quite difficult for most of us and it takes a whole lotta work But we think that first of all you really need to be passionate. If this condition is met, inspiration will come and success also. We hope you’ll

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Human Rights? Whaddabout Animal Rights?

I’ve got one thing on my mind for a while. I want my own organization. Yeah, I know.. You are laughing now! I’ll probably have some problems with human laws and rules and stuff.   But I had some really bad nights lately, I could not sleep at all… and you know why? Because my dream

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