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Hi Guys,

I know … you’re just looking for some SEO stuff here, hut I’m human too… in fact I’m not :), but I have a soul, just like you, seojunkies, and I feel that I should tell you something today. Monkey is now far away from the place he was born.



Do you know this fellow in the photo? No? Come on!!! It is very notorious (not quite like me, but close :o). It was drawn by aliens in Peru, in the desert, humans say. Maybe it is one of my ancestors. Really. I was also born in Peru, but in a better place, in the jungle.

Unfortunately, now I live in a house and I work in a sky tower. That’s the sad part. The great part is that I discovered SEO and I really love it. I never gave up dreaming about my sweet home jungle though. I plan to visit it one day (are monkeys allowed in a plane?). But until then I’m gonna create my own SEO jungle. I hope it will be helpful to you and will ease my pain of being away from the real jungle.

No more tears, let’s get back to our job :p

A search engine is not a jungle, but for most of us it is, as it has lots of rules and these rules tend to be more and more complex. It knows very well how to list organic searches. It is a jungle for most of the users, that try to position on top of the list and don’t know how.

If you want it not to be a jungle, you’d better start learning more about the SEO jungle, how a search engine works and what it likes. We’ll name it that way as it is quite sophisticated and you may get lost (God, I loved the TV series – LOST).

SEOmonkey likes to keep it simple.

I like to think about myself not having a monkey see, monkey do attitude, but rather a monkey feel, monkey think, monkey do attitude. All the complicated seo terms and notions will be filtered by monkey and posted on the site as simple as I can.

Wanna get your way to the jungle?

Be the SEO jungle survivor! I’ll guide you!
When SEOMonkey community grows a little, we’ll make a trip to Amazon, will gather around the fire and have the coolest SEO chats in the world. Just imagine… campfire, nature, maybe some ayahuasca :)) Dream on, monkey!

Damn, let’s get serious again! I’m looking at the map I just draw and I don’t know where to start the SEO Journey from.
We’ll find out together in the next post.

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